artisan sterling silver jewelry 

​​Jandi Burkett



I began my metals career in 1996 in Vail, Colorado where I produced signature gold and silver designs for a prominent fine jewelry boutique in the Vail Valley. My years spent creating among a team of skilled metalsmiths in a production studio allowed me to perfect my skills and create with artistry and care. I opened my studio in 2012.​

I design and create artisan sterling silver jewelry using traditional building  methods of forging and fabrication. I use simple tools: saws, files, hammers, a torch and a variety of finishing mediums to construct each piece. Craftsmanship is key, I take great care to insure the quality that creates timeless heirloom jewelry. 

My design aesthetic has an elegant simplicity with geometric lines and fine finishes. I take inspiration from Art Nouveau/Art Deco Era design and add contemporary style. 

I truly love the creative process and sharing my passion and work with others.