artisan sterling silver jewelry 

​​Jandi Burkett



​​​​​​Jandi is a Kansas-based jewelry designer who began her metals career in 1996 in Vail, Colorado where she produced signature gold and silver designs for a prominent fine jewelry boutique in the Vail Valley. Her years spent creating among a team of skilled metalsmiths in a production studio allowed her to perfect her skills and create with artistry and care.

Jandi opened her studio in 2012.​                        

Jandi's design aesthetic has an elegant simplicity with clean geometric lines and fine finishes. She takes inspiration from architecture and minimalist fashion. Jandi enjoys manipulating the metal to create the shapes and contours required for each piece and finds it both challenging and rewarding. 
Each piece begins as sterling silver sheet metal or wire and is cut, filed, formed, forged, soldered, and finished by hand in her studio. 

Craftsmanship is key to her jewelry. She takes great care to insure the quality that creates timeless heirloom jewelry.